The ultimate debate on “WHICH IS BETTER: HOME GYM OR PUBLIC GYM” will never be settled because it is too subjective. Everyone is uniquely different (see what i just did?) and has differing opinions and preferences. With that being said, every fitness enthusiast has their “Why i like home gyms/public gyms” thing…..so here is mine. I have taken the past few years to slowly invest in a home/garage gym, and after working out in both a public gym and a home gym, I would definitely prefer a home gym. I decided to sit down and jot some ideas about why I prefer this.

  1. TIME – having a home gym really helps me to get my workouts done in a short amount of time. I really am not a fan of long workouts, and now I can get in…get the workout in….get out. I usually get it done anywhere between 30 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on what I’m doing. This is contrast to the idea of driving to the gym-working out-driving home. This can take up to twice the time it would take to work out at home. Time is valuable to me, and this helps me to redeem as much as possible.
  2. AVAILABILITY – All the equipment I have is available as often as I want for as long as I want. I don’t have to wait on that guy that has been in the squat rack or on the bench press for the past hour. I get on the equipment, I use the equipment, and I move on to the next piece of equipment.
  3. ACCESS – Having a home gym means it is always open 24/7/365. It’s there whenever you need to use it. The hours are not limited and you do not necessarily need to adjust your schedule to do a workout.
  4. BLAMELESS – Having a home gym eliminates excuses for not getting a workout in. I have no one to blame now, except for myself. The gym is literally in the next room. All I have to do is walk into the next room to do a workout. I can’t blame the weather or time.
  5. RESPONSIBILITY – The great news is that I own all of my equipment. The bad news is that I own all of my equipment. That means that I am the one responsible to maintain it and clean it. Not only that, but I have to be the one to clean up when I’m done with the workout. I don’t have to worry about equipment maintenance in a public gym….they do. I don’t have to worry about fixing equipment that breaks in a public gym….they do. I don’t have to sweep the floors in a public gym….they do. The responsibility is all on me in my own home gym now.
  6. ENVIRONMENT – The environment of a public gym can be motivating because everyone is there for the same purpose: to get in shape and make their quality of life better. The environment of a home gym is polar opposite. No one is there except for you and it’s up to you to motivate yourself without anyone around to help that desire. It makes a big difference. I am an introvert and this does not bother me. I actually do better if I am alone. If you are extroverted, a home gym may not motivate you as much as a public gym can.
  7. INVESTMENT – Investing your money into a home gym instead of a public gym is the same as renting vs buying. Paying monthly for a public gym is basically renting someone else’s equipment. Everything you buy for your home gym is yours to keep. If you stop paying a public gym, you’ve lost access to everything they have.

There are pros and cons of owning a home gym and there are the same for a public gym. There are days that I feel like staying home to work out, and there are days that I feel like going to a public gym. I like them both, but if I had to choose one, I would choose a home gym every time.

Which gym do you prefer, home or public? I would love to hear which one you prefer and why. Feel free to leave a comment.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “HOME GYM vs PUBLIC GYM

  1. Amanda says:

    Definitely started to like the home gym better, I was very unmotivated at first because the atmosphere was different but once I got used to it I love it now and my favorite Part like you mentioned no time is wasted driving and getting stuck traffic and waiting on people to use the damn squat rack lol I just have to invest in more equipment.

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    1. BOURNE to TRAIN says:

      It was weird at first, but it did feel more comfortable over time for me too. There’s always more equipment to get. It never ends.


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